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Apocaps is invented by an international well known veterinary ,Dr. Demian Dressler. It is tailor-made for dogs who are suffering from cancer.

Apocaps is the world’s first apoptogen supplement. It helps dogs by unlocking the natural biological process called apoptosis using super-concentrations of botanical ingredients that are all natural, human-grade, and edible. These plant-based nutraceuticals are combined in a patent-pending special process, so they can sneak past the body’s natural digestive processes and arrive in the bloodstream in a good concentration.

Invented by International Veterinary

Dr Demain Dressler modeled the pilot study after the National Institute of Health, he took photographs or other diagnostic images before the start of the trial, at ten days, at thirty-one days, and at sixty-six days of Apocaps use. Thirty-one dogs were included.

These dogs did not receive conventional treatments (no surgery, chemotherapy or radiation), either because of the cost of those treatments or because their guardians did not wish to pursue conventional treatments.

During the trial, he tracked tumor size and several factors that affect life quality, including measuring the dog's discomfort.


  • Around half of the dogs experience positive change occurred in their tumors. Some tumors shrank, some stop growing and some tumors disappeared completely. It work well with chemotherapy and radiation

  • 78% of the dogs who showed measurable signs of discomfort at the start of the trial, there was better mobility, more energy, more tail wagged and more playtimes requested

  • Survival time increase significantly

There is so much evidence for this that Functional Nutriments, which makes Apocaps, won a quarter- million- dollar grant from the US government in late 2010, to study the use of Apocaps in human cancer treatments. It is predicted human Apcasps will be launched in the mid of 2017.

Apocaps Ingredients


  • Induces apoptosis in cancer cells and turns on natural cell death in cancer cells, causing them to commit suicide

  • Starves cancer cells by interfering with glycolysis. If cancer cells can't break down sugar, they can't absorb it and they go hungry

  • Shuts down fatty acid synthase, cancer cells lose energy and starve

  • Sabotages the ability of a cancer cell to replicate its DNA

  • Cuts cancer cells off from the blood supply by blocking angiognesis (the making of new blood vessels)

  • Decreases inflammation

  • Boosts the effects of both chemotherapy and radiation therapy


  • Helps increase apoptosis, natural cell suicide, in cancer cells

  • Pro-oxidant effect when it used in higher doses. Pro-oxidants cause free radicals to form, which can damage and even outright destroy cancer cells( leaving normal cells untouched)

  • Slow angiognesis (the making of new blood vessels) in cancer cells, making it harder for them to feed themselves or metastasize

  • Decreases the activity of the enzyme COX-2, an enzyme associated with inflammation

  • Blocks the topoisomerase enzymes, which are critical to the DNA replication process


  • Helps turn on apoptosis genes in cancer cells

  • Stop cancer cells from multiplying by literally stopping their replication process

  • Slow angiogensis (the making of new blood cells), making it harder for cancer cells to feed themselves or metastasize

  • Helps block gap junctions, impeding cell-to-cell communication. When cancer cells can't talk to other cancer cells, they can't coordinate many different activities

Major ingredients:

Luteolin,Curcumin,Apigenin (please refer to the packing for full detail ingredients)

Suggest Dosage

  •  5-10lbs:1 capsules two times daily

  • 10.1-20lbs:2 capsules two times daily

  • 20.1- 40lbs:3 capsules in the AM and 2 capsules in the PM

  • 40.1- 60lbs:3 capsules two times daily

  • 60.1lbs and over:3 capsules three times daily



    90 Capsules per bottle

How to use Apocaps?

​1. How do I give Apocaps?

Apocaps should be given with a very small amount of food, preferably less than 1-2 tablespoons, to minimize rare cases of digestive upset. Please see the Product Label for dosing amounts and instructions.

2. Best time serving?

Apocaps is most effective and most easily absorbed when given between meals, on an empty stomach, with just a little food (1-2 tablespoons), as the label states. Giving Apocaps with a full meal reduces the absorption of Apocaps slightly.

There is some evidence that giving Apocaps in the late morning (10-11 AM) and/or the late evening (10-11 PM) may be most effective, but this may not be convenient for you.

Around How Long will it work

  • Life quality increases have been seen in the majority of dogs using Apocaps, in some cases within a week of starting. In some dogs, the effects are slower, taking up to 3-4 weeks. 

  • Increased vitality, activity and vigor are common results of Apocaps use.

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