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About Us

Help Pet live a better lives by offering better brands that comes from nature

Pet Eight is founded by three pet lovers. In the past years, we have visited several charity organisations to take care those pets in need. Based on our observation, numerous of pet owners have little knowledge on how to take care of them. It is more heartbreaking that pets will be abandoned once they were sick as the owners were not willing to pay the high medical fees. As a group of pet lovers, we believe that pets enable us to become a better person and they should be respected and well-treated. Thereby, it is our passion to keep our pets healthy and happy.

Pet Eight's passionate by bringing the best  pet supplement and food that comes from nature. So pet parents can help their pets live a more fulfilled lives.Every product you shop from us, either in retail or online is 100% human grade product and also being verified by veterinary professionals.

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