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EverPup is a revolutionary supplement that was created after years of research and in response to the #1 question that Dr Demain Dressler hear from our customers: "How can I keep my healthy dog healthy?

EverPup has some of the same natural apoptogen ingredients as Apocaps, but also includes glucosamine (for joint support), Prebiotics and Probiotics (for digestive support), plus essential vitamins and minerals.  

All of these well-researched and evidence-based ingredients are combined into a delicious, proprietary formula that makes EverPup the ultimate daily dog supplement.

Veterniary Approved

Delicious formula that dogs crave

Contains everything most dogs need

100% Human Grade Ingredients

Best Ever Reason to choose EverPup

  • Delicious Defense--tasty support from the invisible enemies linked to modern living

  • Restoration and Revitalization--help your dog to experience overall rejuvenation

  • DNA Protection--promotes normal cellular health with apoptogens from Mother Nature

  • Puppy-like Mobility--can aid normal mobility with Glucosamine

  • Metabolic Makeover--supports normal blood sugar with help from nature

  • Happy Poops--the best prebiotics and probiotics help keep your dog's digestive tract happy (and you, by extension)

  • Immune Support--support normal immunity with ingredients directly from nature

  • Soft & Shiny Coat--you'll be proud of your dog's beauty when you're out and about

EverPup Ingredients

Vitamins and Minerals

  • Includes Multi-Vitamins A,B,D andE

  • Includes Minerals manganese, iron, copper and potassium


  • Naturally found in your pup's cartilage for joint support

  • Comes from crab shell


  • Induces Apoptosis within corrupted cells

  • Most biologically active phytochemical in turmeric


  • Contributes to good probiotic balance in the large intestine

  • Comes from the chicory root of the leafy salad green, endive


  • Promote digestive health and healthy gut flora


  • Anti-Inflammatory

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Beta Glucans

  • A natural boost for the immune system, beta glucans are crucial weapons in the effort to stay healthy

  • Comes from oat bran

Magnesium Oxide

  • Helps dog emotionally such as anxiety 


  • Lower Risk of Heart attack

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • A natural compound from the trunk of the Chinese Scholar tree, also called Pagoda tree


  • Bioflavonoid from the milk thistle plant, widely used in both Eastern and Western medicine

  • Veterinarians use it for liver support


  • Support normalised cell turnover and promote normal, new, healthy cells

  • Anti-Inflammatory 

Spirulina Pacifica

  • Full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and healthy fats (Omega 3)

  • Tiny super-green cherished worldwide for centuries, and grown in the crystal-clear waters off Hawaii

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Suggest Dosage

  • 15lbs:1/2 Scoop Daily

  • 15.1-40lbs:1 Scoop Daily

  • 40lbs above:2 Scoop Daily

Mixed with food for administration

(Using included 6 gram scoop)

1 can contains 180 gram

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